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Volume 14/2022IDENTIFICATION OF CHEMICAL CONSTITUENTS FROM THEOBROMA CACAO L. LEAVES AS A POTENTIAL COCOA LEAVES BEVERAGE IN COMPARISON WITH COMMERCIAL GREEN TEA VIA LC-QTOF-MS/MS ANALYSISZainal Baharum, Nurul Aishah Mohd Tamizi, Saiful Nizam Tajuddin & Ahmad Kamil Mohd Jaaffar2022Theobroma cacao, leaves, beverage, LC-QTOF-MS/MS View 421 Download 19
Volume 13(2)/2021GROWTH PERFORMANCE OF FOURTEEN (14) MCB CLONES AS ROOTSTOCK IN COCOA NURSERYBoney M., Sairul J. and Mohd. Yusof M. Y.2021Cocoa seed, rootstock, growth performance, nursery, clone View 565 Download 26
Volume 13(1)/2021SOIL COMPOSITION AMENDMENT TO ENHANCE COCOA (THEOBROMA CACAO L.) SEEDLINGS GROWTHNurafiza, A.2021Theobroma cacao L., soils, growth performance, organic, compost View 847 Download 24
Volume 11/2019Malaysian Cocoa Journal 2019, Vol. 11Refer to Journal20192019 View 4052 Download 23
Volume 13(1)/2021SEVERITY OF CONOPOMORPHA CRAMERELLA (SNELLEN) INFESTATION: OBSERVATION OF THE DAMAGE USING MALAYSIAN COCOA CLONESSaripah, B.2021Average Damage Severity Index (ADSI), Cocoa, Cocoa pod borer, Conopomorpha cramerella, screening View 562 Download 14
Volume 13(1)/2021FIELD TRIAL FOR NEW MALAYSIAN COCOA BOARD COMPOUND FERTILIZERHelmi, S. , Nurfadzilah, M . Rozita, O. Ishak, Z. Fisal, A. 2021Cocoa, Biochar, Compound fertilizer, Effective microorganisms View 347 Download 6
Volume 13(1)/2021COMPARING SEVERAL COMBINATION OF CONTROL MEASURES IN MANAGING THE COCOA BLACK POD DISEASE IN MALAYSIAAlbert Ling S. C., Darmesah G., Chong K. P. and Ho C. M.2021Cocoa black pod, Phytophthora, phytosanitary, fungicide, pruning View 525 Download 12
Volume 13(1)/2021SCREENING OF CPB DAMAGE ON PROGENY TRIAL IN CRDC MADAI, SABAH: EARLY RESULTSNavies Maisin, Aizat Jaafar, Mohd. Shakri Awang and Haya Ramba2021Host Plant Resistance, Tolerance, Cocoa Pod Borer, Conopomorpha cramerella, cocoa View 340 Download 9
Volume 13(1)/2021NATALITY STUDY OF FEMALE COCOA POD BORER RELATED TO CLIMATE CHANGESMeriam M.Y.2021Cocoa pod borer, egg, fecundity, mortality, climate change. View 303 Download 4
Volume 13(1)/2021TRANSCRIPTOME-WIDE ANALYSIS OF COCOA POD BORER (CONOPORMORPHA CRAMERELLA) REVEALED POTENTIAL TARGET GENES FOR CONTROL OF THE INSECTTan C. L., Rosmin K., Leong W. M.2021Conopomorpha cramerella, transcriptome, cocoa pod borer, RNA interference, genome editing View 378 Download 7
Volume 13(1)/2021ANTI-PROLIFERATIVE ACTIVITY OF PILOT SCALE PRODUCTION OF ANTI-BREAST CANCER PRODUCT (COALEX-1) FROM COCOA LEAVES EXTRACTZainal B., Noor Shazwani R. and Ishak Z.2021Anti-breast cancer, leaves extract, Theobroma cacao, MCF-7 cells, cocoa View 343 Download 8
Volume 13(1)/2021PRELIMINARY EVALUATION ON THE SNP MARKERS FOR THE MALAYSIAN COMMERCIAL COCOA CLONESLea Johnsiul, Sairan Asim, Nuraziawati Mat Yazik2021Theobroma cocoa, SNP marker, Malaysian cocoa commercial clone, clone verification, planting material. View 417 Download 11
Volume 13(1)/2021MASS PROPAGATION OF HIGH-YIELDING COCOA CLONES: A REVIEWNorasekin T., Ahmad Kamil M. J. and Rosmin K.2021Theobroma cacao, somatic embryogenesis, tissue culture, genotype-specific View 432 Download 22
Volume 12/2020Malaysian Cocoa Journal 2020, Vol.12Refer to Journal20202020 View 1343 Download 15
Volume 13(1)/2021PCR-BASED GENOTYPING OF SNP MARKERS IN THEOBROMA CACAORoslina M.S., Nuraziawati M.Y, Aizat J., Ahmad K.M.J., Navies M., Alias A, Rosmin K., Neoh J.2021Tetra ARM, PCR, SNPs, Cocoa, Traits View 325 Download 4
Volume 13(1)/2021EFFECT OF COCOA PROCESSING ON TOTAL PHENOLIC CONTENTS IN COCOA BEANS AND ITS FREE RADICAL SCAVENGING CAPABILITYSamuel Yap K. C. & Arief Huzaimi, M.Y.2021Cocoa; free radicals scavenging; Total Phenolic Contents View 418 Download 6
Volume 13(1)/2021EFFECT OF DIFFERENT THICKENING AGENTS ON THE TEXTURE PROFILE OF HAIR GEL FORMULATIONMd Yusof A.H., Abd Gani S.S., Zaidan U. H., Halmi M.I.E. , Samuel Y.K.C., Wahab N.A, Karim A.A.2021Cosmetic product, spreadability, texture profile, thickener View 379 Download 3
Volume 13(1)/2021METHOD DEVELOPMENT AND VALIDATION OF POLYCYCLIC AROMATIC HYDROCARBONS (PAHS) RESIDUE IN COCOA AND COCOA PRODUCTSBadrul H. Z., Salsazali S.2021cocoa beans, cocoa powder, GC-MS/MS, PAHs, Theobroma cacao View 373 Download 4
Volume 13(1)/2021PHYSICOCHEMICAL AND ORGANOLEPTIC PROPERTIES OF COCOA BUTTER-BASED AVOCADO ICE CREAM AS AFFECTED BY AVOCADO PULP CONCENTRATIONChin, H. H. and Nor Haslita, I.2021avocado, cocoa butter, ice cream, physicochemical properties, sensory evaluation View 355 Download 6
Volume 13(1)/2021EXPLORING THE USE OF MICROWAVE IN COCOA BEANS MICRONIZING – ASSESSMENT OF SELECTED PHYSICAL AND MECHANICAL PROPERTIES, DRYING KINETICS AND BIOACTIVE COMPOUNDSHidayatullah H.2021bio-active compounds, cocoa beans, mechanical properties, micronizing, microwave View 339 Download 5
Volume 13(2)/2021THE POTENTIAL OF COCOA INTEGRATION PLANTING SYSTEMS WITH OTHER ECONOMIC CROPS: CROP DIVERSITYRozita, O., Nurfadzilah, M., Helmi, S., Boney, M. and Nurafiza, A.2021cocoa, economic crops, integration, planting system, planting density View 619 Download 4
Volume 13(2)/2021METHOD DEVELOPMENT AND VALIDATION FOR QUANTITATIVE ANALYSIS OF MILK SOLID CONTENT IN CHOCOLATERahmat M. and Aftar Mizan A. B.2021milk fat, butyric acid, measurement uncertainty, selectivity, linearity, GC-FID View 570 Download 10
Volume 13(2)/2021CHANGES IN THE POLYPHENOL CONTENT OF DIFFERENT CACAO GENOTYPES AND QUALITY OF COCOA BEANS HARVESTED AT TWO MATURITY STAGESTee, Y. K., Balasundram, S. K., Shariff, A. R. B. and Ding, P.2021maturity stage; polyphenol; cocoa genotype; sensory; peel extract; bean quality View 426 Download 6
Volume 13(2)/2021INCORPORATION OF HEALTHY FATS INTO SUGAR FREE PLAIN CHOCOLATE AND THEIR EFFECT ON FATTY ACID COMPOSITION, PEROXIDE VALUE AND GLOSSINESSHassan M. R.2021chocolate, fatty acid composition, glossiness, healthy fats, peroxide value View 518 Download 5
Volume 13(2)/2021EVALUATION OF INTERNATIONAL COCOA CLONES AT CRDC MADAI, SABAHAizat Japar, Nuraziawati Mat Yazik and Haya Ramba2021germplasm, international clones View 742 Download 9
Volume 13(2)/2021SHARING EXPERIENCES OF COCOA FARMER FIELD SCHOOL (FFS) IN SABAHLing, A. S. C., Ramle, K., Mohd Zamri, A. G., Nazmiah, M. D., Affendy, T. K. P. Jugah, K. and Edwin, M.2021Cocoa Farmer Field School, Agro-Ecosystem analysis, Ranau, Farmers, Good Agriculture Practice View 379 Download 5
Volume 13(2)/2021BROAD SENSE HERITABILITY ESTIMATE OF SOME TRAITS IN CACAO PROGENY TRIAL IN MALAYSIANuraziawati, M.Y. , Haya, R., Aizat, J. and Zailaini, M.J. 2021Genotype, genetic variation, heritability, planting material, progeny View 341 Download 6
Volume 14/2022SNP GENOTYPING: THE KASP ASSAY IN THEOBROMA CACAORoslina, M.S1, Nuraziawati M.Y, Aizat, J, Ahmad K, M.J, Navies, M., Alias A, Rosmin, K.2022Assay, SNPs, cocoa, traits, KASP View 293 Download 10
Volume 13(2)/2021ISOLATION, SCREENING, AND CHARACTERIZATION OF RHIZOSPHERIC AND ENDOPHYTIC BACTERIA FOR DIFFERENT PLANT GROWTH PROMOTION (PGP) ACTIVITIESNurfadzilah M., Ishak Z., Fatien N.C.Y., & Norsalsabila M.R.2021Isolation, Screening, Characterization, Rhizospheric and Endophytic Bacteria View 342 Download 4
Volume 14/2022MONITORING COCOA BLACK POD DISEASE INCIDENCE WITH EXCEL TOOLLing, A. S. C.2022Cocoa, cocoa black pod disease, decision making, excel, pivot table View 436 Download 16
Volume 13(2)/2021IN VITRO EVALUATION OF SOLUBLE SILICON (Si) FOR CONTROLLING VASCULAR STREAK DIEBACK DISEASE OF COCOA (Theobroma cacao)Suhaida S., Noor Afiqah M. and Siti Nordahliawate M.S.2021Vascular streak dieback, silicon, Theobroma cacao View 377 Download 8
Volume 13(2)/2021DIFFERENTIAL AIR OUTLET TEMPERATURES TO IMPROVE SURVIVAL OF ENDOPHYTIC BACTERIA DURING SPRAY DRYINGIshak, Z. , Mohd Anuar, S., Zainal, B. and Ernie Eileen, R.R.2021Endophytic bacteria, Spray drying, Temperature, Survivability, and Moisture contents View 333 Download 5
Volume 13(2)/2021OPTIMIZATION OF PROTEIN PURIFICATION PROTOCOL FOR ARTIFICIAL TRANSCRIPTION FACTORS LEC2Rahman M. Z. A., Jainuddin H. and Kasran R.2021LEAFY COTYLEDON 2, artificial transcription factor, protein purification, gene expression, affinity chromatography View 363 Download 5
Volume 13(1)/2021FEASIBILITY STUDY ON MICROBIAL PRODUCTION AND POTENTIAL FOR COMMERCIALIZATIONAhmad Kamil M. J. and Farniza Shareen J2021Microbial formulation, Black pod and Cocoa pod borer View 379 Download 14
Volume 13(2)/2021ENRICHMENT OF COCOA POLYPHENOL EXTRACT IN CHEWABLE TABLET AS A NEW SOURCE OF HIGH ANTIOXIDANT PRODUCTSRosmawati M.S., Siti Azriena A., Muhamad Zulkhairi M.A. and Rosmin K.2021Cocoa, polyphenol, flavonoid, antioxidant, tablet View 327 Download 4
Volume 13(2)/2021MYCOCOA BEST CERTIFICATIONSuzannah S., Rahmat M., Badrul Hisyam Z., Wan Aidah W. I., Mohd. Yusof I., Khairul2021certification, flavour profile, premium cocoa beans, sensory evaluation View 680 Download 5
Volume 14/2022COMPATIBILITY STUDIES ON DIFFERENT ENDOPHYTIC BACTERIAL ISOLATES FROM COCOA PLANTIshak, Z., Ernie Eileen, R.R., and Mohd Anuar, S.2022Endophytic bacteria, compatibility, biolog, cocoa, and consortia View 298 Download 3
Volume 13(2)/2021METHOD VALIDATION OF COMPACT DRY ‘NISSUI’ TOTAL COUNT TECHNIQUE IN COCOA AND COCOA PRODUCTSHannim, H.H. and Norita, R.2021Aerobic colony, Alternative method, Colony forming units, Rapid method kit, Validation View 648 Download 5
Volume 14/2022REVIEW: NOVELTY OF SPECIAL COCOA FLAVOR IN MALAYSIAN RENAISSANCE COCOA STUDYMohd Zaini Nanyan2022Cocoa, flavour, specialty cocoa beans, chocolate, compound View 430 Download 24
Volume 13(2)/2021PROCESS CONDITION OPTIMIZATION FOR SOLVENT EXTRACTION OF COCOA POD BY POLYPHENOLS ANTIOXIDANT LEVEL AND ACTIVITIESAzila A. K. and Nur Azilah A.2021Optimization, cocoa pod, solvent extraction, polyphenols View 344 Download 2
Volume 13(2)/2021STORAGE STABILITY OF REDUCE CALORIE MILK CHOCOLATEAsimah H.2021Chocolate; cocoa butter emulsion; reduced calorie; storage View 402 Download 3
Volume 14/2022MOLECULAR DOCKING STUDIES ON DNA-BINDING PROCESS OF LEC2 SYNTHETIC TRANSCRIPTION FACTORSRahman M. Z. A., Jainuddin H., Mohammed A. and Kasran R.2022LEAFY COTYLEDON 2, artificial transcription factor, molecular dynamics simulation, protein modelling View 264 Download 4
Volume 13(2)/2021REMOVAL OF PARACETAMOL IN SIMULATED GASTRIC FLUID USING THE COCOA NIB-BASED ACTIVATED CARBONKhairul A. N., Fisal A., Mohd Sukri H., Mohd Azmier A., Khairunisa N.2021Activated carbon, paracetamol, analgesic, cocoa nibs, overdose View 345 Download 2
Volume 13(2)/2021ISOLATION OF LACTIC ACID BACTERIA FROM COCOA FERMENTATION AS THE POTENTIAL STARTER CULTURES FOR ENHANCING FLAVOUR QUALITYKhairul B. S. and Husin S.2021Cocoa fermentation, shallow box, flavour, lactic acid bacteria, starter cultures View 391 Download 6
Volume 13(2)/2021PROTECTIVE EFFECT OF PBC 140 BEAN EXTRACT ON THE SUPPRESSION OF MATRIX METALLOPROTEINASE-1 (MMP-1) IN HUMAN DERMAL FIBROBLASTSNorliza, A. W., Russly, A. R. and Roslina, M. S.2021PBC 140, CBE, HDFa, MMP-1, skin photoageing View 315 Download 4
Volume 14/2022EVALUATION OF TEN SINGLE NUCLEOTIDE POLYMORPHISM MARKERS FOR VERIFICATION OF MALAYSIAN COMMERCIAL COCOA CLONESLea Johnsiul1, Norasekin Tamchek, Nuraziawati Mat Yazik2022Theobroma cocoa, SNP marker, Malaysian cocoa commercial clone, clone verification, planting material View 377 Download 9
Volume 14/2022LARVA SURVIVAL PENETRATING THE SCLEROTIC LAYER INSIDE THE COCOA PODMeriam M.Y.2022Cocoa pod borer, larva, survival, sclerotic layer, cocoa pod husk, sclerotic layer View 272 Download 5
Volume 14/2022A REVIEW: COSMETIC MARKET IN MALAYSIA AND THE POTENTIAL FOR THE COMMERCIALIZATION OF COCOA ANTIBACTERIAL NIGHT CREAM (NATCOA)Zainal B.1, Farniza Shareen J. and Ahmad Kamil M. J.2022Cosmetic, cocoa, antibacterial, night cream, commercialization View 509 Download 7
Volume 14/2022THE EFFECT OF THIDIAZURON CONCENTRATIONS ON THE INDUCTION OF COCOA SOMATIC EMBRYOSNorasekin, T., Lea, J. and Rosmin, K.2022Thidiazuron, induction, primary somatic embryos, Theobroma cacao (cocoa) View 265 Download 4
Volume 14/2022NUTRITIONAL AND PHENOLIC CONTENTS OF DEVELOPED MARVELLES MILK, DARK, SUGARFREE AND WHITE CHOCOLATESRosmawati M.S., Siti Azriena A., Muhamad Zulkhairi M.A. and Jalaluddin E.2022Chocolates, sugarfree, nutritional, catechin, epicatechin View 311 Download 11
Volume 14/2022PUPATION AND ADULT EMERGENCE OF THE COCOA POD BORER, Conopomorpha cramerella (SNELLEN) AFTER TREATED WITH DELTAMETHRIN AND CYPERMETHRIN INSECTICIDESSaripah, B.2022Cocoa pod borer, cypermethrin, Conopomorpha cramerella, deltamethrin, pupation, adult emergence View 359 Download 7
Volume 14/2022PRODUCTION OF BIOCHAR FROM COCOA POD HUSK: PRELIMINARY RESULTRozita, O., Saiful Mujahid, A.R. and Sharih, S.2022Biochar, cocoa pod husk, pyrolysis, nutrient recycling, waste management View 620 Download 11
Volume 14/2022AN EMPIRICAL ANALYSIS OF THE CLIMATE AND PRICE OF COCOA PRODUCTION IN MALAYSIATee, Y. K.1,Tun, Y. L. and Karunanithi, K.2022climate and yield, pattern, climate variability, long-run analysis, surplus and demand View 713 Download 14
Volume 14/2022GROWTH AND YIELD PERFORMANCE OF SELECTED COCOA CLONAL AT SERIAN, SARAWAKAizat, J., Nuraziawati, M.Y., Haya, R., and AbduL, R.R.2022Cocoa clonals, potential yield, commercial cocoa clones View 404 Download 9
Volume 14/2022AGRICULTURE WASTES AND CLONES EFFECTS ON SURVIVAL OF GRAFTED COCOA (Theobroma cacao L.) SEEDLINGS IN NURSERYBoney M., Sairul J. and Mohd. Yusof. M. Y2022Cocoa, agriculture wastes, clones, survival rate, nursery View 290 Download 3
Volume 14/2022THE EFFECT OF THE FERTILIZER ABSENCE IN COCOA DRY BEAN PRODUCTIVITYHelmi, S.2022Fertilizer, cocoa productivity, non-fertilized View 278 Download 7
Volume 14/2022AN INVESTIGATION OF CPB INFESTATION PATTERN WITH GIS APPROACH, SPATIAL AND TEMPORAL ANALYSIS ON COCOA FARM IN SIN ONN, TAWAU, SABAH.Navies Maisin, Mohd. Shakri Awang, Muliadi Taa and Tee Yei Kheng2022CPB infestation, precision agriculture, CPB control, GIS mapping, pest management View 278 Download 6
Volume 14/2022Theobroma cacao L. GROWTH PERFORMANCE ON ORGANIC COMPOST MEDIANurafiza, A.2022Theobroma cacao L., soils, growth performance, organic, compost View 364 Download 4
Volume 14/2022A STUDY ON AGRONOMIC TRAITS AND GENETIC POTENTIAL OF SELECTED CACAO GERMPLASM COLLECTION OF COCOA RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT CENTRE BAGAN DATUK, PERAKNuraziawati M. Y., Ghizan S. , Rita M.A, Khairul Bariah S., Albert L., Haya R.and Aizat J.2022Cacao, germplasm, broad-sense heritability, genotypes, variation View 499 Download 6
Volume 14/2022EVALUATION OF BIOCONTROL AGENT AGAINST BLACK POD AND COCOA POD BORERNurfadzilah M., Ahmad Kamil M.J., Suhaida, S.2022Biological control, biosurfactant, black pod, cocoa pod borer and cocoa View 357 Download 15
Volume 14/2022ISOLATION OF Trichoderma FROM COCOA RHIZOSPHERE AND THEIR in vitro ANTAGONIST ASSESSMENT AGAINST VASCULAR STREAK DIEBACK (VSD) AND BLACK POD (BP)Suhaida S. and Nellysa Nursyafira A.2022Trichoderma, rhizosphere, vascular streak dieback, black pod, biocontrol View 303 Download 12
Volume 14/2022STUDY ON THE INFLUENCE OF PROCESSED COCOA BUTTER TO THE PHYSICAL PROPERTIES OF CREAM FOR HEELS FORMULA USING MIXTURE DESIGN OF EXPERIMENTAzila, A. K. and Nur Azilah, A.2022Cocoa butter, cream for heels, formulation, mixture design of experiment View 285 Download 2
Volume 14/2022ENHANCEMENT OF FACIAL SKIN HYDRATION BY CLEANSER AND TONER MADE FROM COCOA BUTTER AND COCOA PULPAzila Abdul Karim, Norliza Abdul Wahab, Arief Huzaimi Md Yusof, Samuel Yap Kian Chee, Nur Azilah Abdullah and Sarini Hasyim2022Cocoa butter, cocoa pulp, facial cleanser, facial toner, skin hydration View 269 Download 6
Volume 14/2022SENSORY CHARACTERISTIC OF DARK CHOCOLATE FROM ROASTED COCOA BEANS USING DIFFERENT BRANDS OF HOME OVENKhairul Bariah S., Husin S., Amelin Nabila Z. and Nurul Farhana K.2022Chocolate, home-based roasting, alternative processing, wet grinder and sensory View 447 Download 7
Volume 14/2022PHYSICOCHEMICAL PROPERTIES AND ASSESSMENT OF SKIN BARRIER FUNCTION AS AFFECTED BY COCOA FACIAL MASK COSMETICNorliza A. W. and Alyaa Nurathirah A. H.2022Cocoa facial mask, topical delivery, polyphenols View 272 Download 6
Volume 14/2022CAPABILITY OF COCOA BEANS EXTRACT IN FERRIC REDUCTION AND QUENCHING OF FREE RADICALSSamuel Yap Kian Chee, Arief Huzaimi, M.Y., Chin, H.H., Nur Azilah, A., Nor Haslita, I., Sarini, H.2022Cocoa, antioxidant, ferric reduction, free radical quencher View 280 Download 4
Volume 14/2022VALIDATION OF MULTIRESIDUE MYCOTOXIN ANALYSIS IN COCOA SEMI-FINISHED PRODUCTSBadrul Hisyam, Z., Muhammad Isfaiz, I., Suzannah, S., Aznie Aida, A. and Muhd Fauzi, S.2022Mycotoxin, cocoa butter, cocoa liquor, LC-QTOF-MS, multiresidues View 286 Download 4
Volume 14/2022EFFECT OF HYDROCOLLOIDS AT DIFFERENT CONCENTRATIONS ON THE PHYSICOCHEMICAL PROPERTIES AND PARTICLE SIZE DISTRIBUTION OF WHITE CHOCOLATE GANACHEIzzreen, I., Fisal, A. and Siti Norizah, M.N.2022White chocolate ganache, hydrocolloids, chemical, emulsion stability, viscosity and particle size distribution. View 442 Download 7
Volume 14/2022DETERMINATION OF ANTIOXIDANT AND ANTIMICROBIAL BIOACTIVITY FROM PROTEIN HYDROLISATE OF COCOA POD HUSK (CPH)Hannim Haffeza Haris and Mohamad Yusof Maskat2022Antioxidant, antimicrobial, bioactive protein, cocoa pod husk, protein extract View 380 Download 6
Volume 14/2022MELTING PROPERTIES OF COCOA BUTTER-BASED ICE CREAM WITH VARIOUS CONCENTRATIONS OF RED DRAGON FRUIT (HYLOCEREUS POLYRHIZUS) PUREEChin, H. H., Samuel, Y. K. C., and Nor Haslita Ibrahim2022Melting properties, cocoa butter, ice cream, red dragon fruit View 353 Download 3
Volume 14/2022CADMIUM LEVEL IN COCOA POWDER AND CHOCOLATE AND THEIR CONFORMITY TO NATIONAL AND INTERNATIONAL REGULATIONSSuzannah Sharif, Rahmat Mohamed, Badrul Hisyam Zainudin, Abdul Syukur Yaakob2022Cadmium level, cocoa powder, chocolate, national regulation, international regulations View 463 Download 12
Volume 14/2022ARTIFICIAL NEURAL NETWORK (ANN) MODELLING USING DIFFERENT ALGORITHMS FOR PREDICTING THE TOTAL PHENOLIC CONTAIN IN COCOA SHELL EXTRACT.Md Yusof A. H. , Abd Gani S. S., Zaidan U. H., Halmi M. I. E. 2022Artificial neural network, cocoa shell, phenolic content View 302 Download 10
Volume 11/2019testtest2015test View 72 Download 1