All authors who submit their papers for publication should comply with the following copyright statement:

1. The author owns the copyright to the article written. Authors may transfer the copyright to publish the article and use the article for indexing and storage for general use regarding the article published in the name of the author concerned.

2. Authors have the right to patents and use all or part of articles in their works such as lectures, press releases, social media, electronic media and textbook reviews.

3. Authors may reproduce in whole, in part, or particular part, in periodicals or reprints by third parties, written permission must be obtained from the MCJ Editor.

4. The authors state that the material written in this journal is their original work, and does not contain or include material taken from other copyrighted sources.

5. This journal is the last version that the author submitted, not the same as the one they have published elsewhere.

6. Authors shall state that they do not submit all papers of any kind similar to those submitted, for publication elsewhere.

7. Authors may only submit their version provided acknowledgment is given to the original publication source in this journal and a link is included wherever published.

8. All content, sections, written articles, publications are under the copyright laws taken by MCJ.

9. Articles published in this journal will be available for use by scholars and researchers.

10. MCJ is not responsible in any type of current claim published in our journal.