The Malaysian Cocoa Journal or MCJ (ISSN 1675-5650) was first published in 2004 under the Malaysian Cocoa Board Publishers. It aims to publish relevant ideas and knowledge by all local and foreign researchers to address important issues related to the field of cocoa. The scope of the MCJ is cross-disciplinary in nature and covers aspects related to biotechnology, upstream, downstream and cocoa product development issues as well as articles related to expansion, technology transfer, licensing, marketing and other activities related to the cocoa industry.

MCJ adopts a peer review system to ensure and maintain the quality of articles published in this journal. The journal is published once a year in print and electronic form. MCJ also receives review articles, experiments and short communications.

MCJ is a conditional open access journal which means that all content is freely available at no cost to users or their institutions but for publication after a period of 3 years only. Within 3 years of publication, users have to purchase articles or journal copies at a set price or browse article abstracts only. After that period users are allowed to read, download, copy, distribute, print, search, or link to the full text of articles in this journal without seeking prior permission from the publisher or author.

As such, MCJ is a platform that invites local and foreign researchers who are directly and indirectly involved in cocoa commodities to use this journal as a method to promote their research results quickly.


Malaysian Cocoa Journal aims

• To create and maintain an active communication network for the exchange of information among scientists and the cocoa industry.

• To support the research and professional activities of researchers in cocoa through publications.

• To publish original research on cocoa and thereby added to the existing database of scientific knowledge.


The Journal will be published once a year. The journal covers original scientific contributions dealing with cocoa, cocoa products and by-products as well as articles dealing with cocoa extension, licensing, marketing and other activities relating to the cocoa industry.