Authors: Suzannah S., Rahmat M., Badrul Hisyam Z., Wan Aidah W. I., Mohd. Yusof I., Khairul

Journal Issue: Malaysian Cocoa Journal, Volume 13(2)/2021

Keywords: certification, flavour profile, premium cocoa beans, sensory evaluation

Published On: 1/11/2021


Malaysian Cocoa Board has identified one avenue to increase cocoa smallholders income through the production of premium dried cocoa beans. Premium dried cocoa beans include cocoa beans with good flavour profile and the absence of off-flavours. The aim of the project is to certify dried cocoa beans produced by local smallholders which fulfil criteria for premium cocoa beans. Certification will allow the traceability of the dried cocoa beans in the supply chain. This project will require many supporting elements such as the development and training of sensory panellist with special sensory attributes of premium cocoa liquors, development of reference cocoa liquor with known sensory attributes and scores. Cocoa beans flavour profiles by gas chromatography will also be analysed and correlate with the sensory flavour profile. Other parameters such as pH, titratable acidity, sugar profile, organic acid profile, methylxantine, polyphenol, heavy metals and pesticide will also be studied. Based on the results of those analyses, parameters will be identified which can be utilized to identify premium cocoa beans faster. Beside traceability, certification will increase the marketability and demand for local premium cocoa beans.

Malaysian Cocoa Journal

Volume 13(2)/2021

ISSN 1675-5650