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Volume 15(1)/2023A REVIEW ON MECHANIZATION AND DIGITALIZATION IN UPSTREAM ACTIVITIES FOR THE COCOA INDUSTRY – CHALLENGES AND VIEW FROM ERGONOMICS PERSPECTIVESFarah Ayuni Fauzi2023Upstream activities, mechanization, digitalization, challenges, ergonomics View 732 Download 25
Volume 15(1)/2023APPLICATION OF MICROBIAL CONSORTIA IN COCOA SEEDLING GROWTHNurfadzilah M.1 & Ishak Z2023Microbial consortia, Plant growth promoting rhizobacteria, cocoa seedling, and plant growth View 164 Download 5
Volume 15(1)/2023ISOLATION AND MORPHOLOGICAL IDENTIFICATION OF Phytophthora palmivora FROM COCOA DISEASESSuhaida, S., Yanazlinda Ayuni M. N. and Aizat J.2023cocoa, Phytophthora palmivora, black pod, stem canker, seedling blight View 217 Download 3
Volume 15(1)/2023PRELIMINARY STUDY OF THE CHARACTERISTICS AND GROWTH PATTERNS OF SELECTED ENDOPHYTIC BACTERIA USING BIOREACTOR FOR THE CONSORTIUM PRODUCTION OF BIOFERTILIZERIshak Z., Ernie Eileen R.R., Rahman M.Z.A., Lea Johnsiul, Norasekin Tamchek, Roslina, M.S., Rosmawati, M.S., Nurfadzilah, M., and Mohd Anuar S.2023Endophytes, Bacteria, Characteristic, Bioreactor, and Consortium. View 193 Download 6
Volume 15(1)/2023PROTOPLAST EVOLUTION: FROM EARLY DISCOVERIES TO CONTEMPORARY ADVANCEMENTS IN PLANT BIOTECHNOLOGYNorasekin Tamchek, Monaliza Md Disah, Lea Johnsiul, Roslina Mohd Shah, Anisah Savantil, Ishak Zubir, Mohd Zulhilmi Abd Rahman2023Plant protoplasts, Biotechnology, CRISPR-Cas9, Systems biology, Omics technologies, Genetic engineering View 191 Download 1
Volume 15(1)/2023A STUDY ON FLAVOUR PROFILE OF SELECTED CACAO GERMPLASM COLLECTION IN COCOA RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT CENTRE BAGAN DATUK, PERAKNuraziawati M. Y., Ghizan S., Rita M.A, Khairul Bariah S., Albert L., Haya R., Aizat J.2023Cocoa, genotype, flavour, chocolate, quality View 325 Download 12
Volume 15(1)/2023EFFECT OF ORGANIC FERTILIZERS COMBINATION ON YIELD AND SOIL PROPERTIES OF COCOA (Theobroma cacao L.)Boney, M., Jenrry, S., Sairul J. and Mohd. Yusof M. Y.2023Cocoa, Fertilizer, Organic materials, Yield, Soil properties View 441 Download 6
Volume 15(1)/2023OPTIMISATION METHOD FOR COCOA FAT EXTRACTION USING OIL EXPRESSERRosmawati, M.S., Aqilah, K., Ilie Nasyuha, B., Siti Azriena A., Ishak Z., Zainal B.2023Polyphenol, Cocoa Bean, Oil Expresser X8S, Total Phenolic Content, Cocoa Butter View 165 Download 0
Volume 15(1)/2023FORMULATION AND EVALUATION OF POTENTIAL ANTIBACTERIAL DAY CREAM USING COCOA ANTIBACTERIAL EXTRACT (COCOA-ABE) FROM Theobroma cacao FOR SKINCAREZainal B., Nur Farah A. R., Evva Najiha F., Ain Nadia F., Rasma Suzielawani I.2023Antibacterial, cocoa shell extract, day cream, formulation, skincare, Theobroma cacao View 178 Download 6
Volume 15(1)/2023ASSESSING THE POSSIBILITY OF MISLABELLING ERRORS IN RANDOMLY SAMPLED GRAFTED COCOA SEEDLINGS FROM TEN COCOA NURSERIES IN SABAH USING THE KOKOCORRECTLea Johnsiul, Sairan Asim, Rafiah Karim, Norasekin Tamchek, Ishak Zubir, Mohd Zulhilmi Abdul Rahman2023Mislabelling error, grafted cocoa seedlings, cocoa nurseries, genotyping View 433 Download 3
Volume 15(1)/2023PROTOCOL FOR WILD COCOA POD BORER (CONOPOMORPHA CRAMERELLA SNELLEN) COLLECTION METHOD: A STEP TOWARDS EFFICIENT INSECT MASS REARING FOR STERILE INSECT TECHNIQUEAnisah Binti Savantil, Mavis Peter Jaus, Elviah Mitzo, Jenrry Sompokon, Norasekin Tamchek, Lea Johnsiul2023cocoa pod borer, insect collection method, cocoa, mass rearing system, CPB. View 211 Download 6
Volume 15(1)/2023SCREENING FOR MICROSATELLITES OF THE COCOA POD BORER CONOPOMORPHA CRAMERELLA (SNELLEN) (CPB); PRELIMINARY WORK WITH CPB FROM MALAYSIARoslina Binti Mohd Shah, Marynold Purificacion,, Anisah Bintil Savantil, Saripah Binti Bakar, Adly M.M. Abd-Alla2023Sterile insect technique, microsatellites, primers , population genetics, amplicons View 188 Download 2