Authors: Muhammad Bilal Muslim, Mohd Noor Afiq Ramlee

Journal Issue: Malaysian Cocoa Journal, Volume 15(2)/2023

Keywords: Theobroma cacao; PRISMA; Scoping Study; Web of Science; Microencapsulation

Published On: 27/10/2023


This paper presents a scoping review of the literature on the microencapsulation of cocoa. This manuscript aims on conduct a review study to seek literature related to the encapsulation of cocoa products. A scoping technique is used on the Web of Science database to search for all journals related to cocoa product encapsulation. The search strategy used the PRISMA standard methodology. The search was conducted in the Web of Science database using keywords related to micro-encapsulation, cacao, and cocoa beans. The search was limited to articles published in English between 2004 and 2022. The resulting studies underwent relevance screening, and pertinent data were subsequently extracted and synthesized to provide an overview of the existing literature on the micro-encapsulation of cocoa. The literature on the microencapsulation of cocoa has been applied in various fields, including Food Science and Technology, Chemical Engineering, and Plant Science. The diverse range of applications for microencapsulation of cocoa includes the development of functional foods and the controlled release of drugs, which are significant breakthroughs in the food industry. However, there is still a lack of research on the microencapsulation of cocoa products. The study concludes that future research in the micro-encapsulation of cocoa could explore the use of other natural polymers as coating materials and investigate the controlled release of cocoa compounds. Such research could help to identify key themes and trends in the literature, contributing to the development of new applications of micro-encapsulation in the food industry.

Malaysian Cocoa Journal

Volume 15(2)/2023

ISSN 1675-5650